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Maxwell vs Phil Collins

July 21, 2009

max and phil

My friend, who would like me to refer to him as “some crazy brown fool”, had this to say via email about the two musical titans:

chics are so nuts bout maxwell, dude cut off his dreads and got the coke bottle glasses just so he could go unnoticed for awhile. nearly every chic i know is crazy about him, and he’s damn good! except that pretty wings song, for the ladies only….listen to the song. then again i have a very high threshold for r&b balladry even if it comes from the likes of Dr. Phil, yes, the one and only Phil collins. i find myself singing along to one of his songs when it comes on in walgreen’s, turn the corner to run into some ebony beauty singing along too….had a good laugh over that. good tune though “i missed again”

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