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Barack Obama vs The Children

September 1, 2009

barack and kids

Yet again, my post owes its existence to the Drudge Report, where misleading headlines rule the roost (though not in this case).

President Obama is going to address the children of the US during school hours on September 8, apparently. I really don’t know more beyond that, and honestly could anything sound more innocuous? I mean, who cares? Even the Drudge link only editorializes a bit by deeming the event “unprecedented”. The linked document on is a Department of Education-generated set of classroom activities for after the speech. I skimmed it and from what I can tell it’s standard-issue stuff; nothing controversial that I could glean.

There’s no information about what the actual content of the speech will be. Probably because of that, at least in part, and because of the Drudge link, there are some of the funniest comments I’ve read in a while (hint: some kids will be staying home from school that day). Scroll down the page and read your little heart out but here are some choice nuggets:

“It is not the POTUS’s responsibility to address this nation’s children. I personally will be keeping my children from the Government School’s indoctrinations.”

“Resist this communist, NOW! Quit stuffing your homes with crap, and spend that money instead on home schooling! And while you are at it, buy weapons and ammo for the civil war to come!”

“This guy is really, really creepy, moreso than in my strangest nightmares.”

“We’re being sold down the river Styx and have no say in the direction the tillerman is steering… straight to Hades.”

“Next year our children may be forced to march in Washington and MaObama will wave to them and the children will chant; Our Great Leader!”

“Top secret speeches to school children nationwide…?”

“That’s right, kiddies. Make sure you tell your mommy and daddy what I just told you: capitalism – evil, communism – good. White man is the devil. [keep it down, Rev Wright!] We owe our souls to the collective.”

“I just printed this out, took it out to my backyard and urinated all over it.”

“Once he has the children and the radio stations, he has the Nation!”

“REMEMBER, his words are being written by William Ayers, PhD, Education!”

“This simply is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I’m speechless. This really cannot be happening?!!!

“Just one more ‘goose step’ in the direction of NAZI Socialism.”

“You have to appreciate Obama’s temerity at lecturing children too young to know better. We used to call that taking advantage of a kid. I’m surprised he hasn’t offered them candy. Maybe he will – you know, a perfect world, free EVERYTHING and a benign government that loves you. Emotional molestation is sometimes worse then physical.”

“I voted for OBAMA, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

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