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Greenwood Cemetery (ain’t that a bitch)

October 23, 2009
In limbo

In limbo

I got trapped in Greenwood cemetery. Sort of. As it turns out, on weekdays there is only one entrance/exit for the entire 478 acre graveyard. I did not know this before trekking halfway across the goddamn thing trying to take a “shortcut” home. Additionally the wrought iron fence with menacing spikes meant to deter ne’er-do-wells from clambering in at night also prevents folks like myself from climbing out during the day when they find themselves knee deep in headstones and mausoleums. After my initial frustration subsided i made my way back to the main gate by walking along the fence line just to be sure there was no compromised part i could squeeze through or jump over. Nope. No such luck. That place is on a lockdown on par with Alcatraz. So don’t panic this halloween. Those aren’t zombies you see wandering around aimlessly in greenwood cemetery. Just dopes like me trying to find a way out.

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  1. LindaAnn permalink
    October 29, 2009 3:23 pm

    Let’s find a house near this cool place!!

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