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Mick Jagger Update

December 18, 2009

I’ll admit I posted that last thing about Mick Jagger after watching about a half hour of Let’s Spend the Night Together , and after watching most of the rest of it, it’s great. Keep in mind I don’t dislike the Rolling Stones nor Sir Mick himself; I do own a couple of their records which I enjoy and to a degree I was raised on this stuff. I was – I still am – flummoxed by Jagger’s onstage ludicrosity. But in sum total, you look at this band and they’re pretty damn great. I guess I got used to Mick over the course of the movie.

Things that I really like: Keith Richards’ clear, pure enjoyment of playing music and the band’s overall chummy interactions. Bill Wyman’s track suit. Ron Wood’s ***ed-up rat face, and poncy hair.

Beyond that the trippy highlight was when they trot out all these young women to “dance” to “Honky-Tonk Women” and one of them walks in front of Charlie Watts, and she looks exactly like Charlie Watts. There is some serious metaphysics going on there. Also it appears that they handed out garters to all these ladies – which is weird – cause they each had one on, and one of them put it around her neck instead of her leg. I thought that was suitably cheeky.

Then at the end, the band plays “Satisfaction” and Sir Mick is wearing a cape, and all these balloons start falling on the audience. And I remember when I was a little kid my older sister, having just gone to see them live, telling me about this moment, and how great that sounded, all those balloons falling. And watching it on TV, it did look pretty fantastic, especially intercut with a triumphant montage of the band playing, including Mick rolling around on the floor. So that’s what those knee-pads were for! See how important education is?

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  1. tiefighter25.5 permalink
    December 19, 2009 3:28 am

    I’m retarded,:The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

    If you want to wince at a Rolling Stones event, bite your lip when “Jethro Tull” are playing, but more importantly, keep your jaw off the floor when Yoko Ono does her Japanese Banshee routine. Everyone in the tent is on drugs, but they still retain enough sense to know that John is great, and his wife is awful. Very, very uncomfortable cringe. Back to a seemingly easy to break banishment.

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