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The Grammys Got Me Thinking

February 2, 2010

I find it interesting that the “big tent” era of entertainment and popular culture lasted about fifty years. The time when everyone gathered around the TV to watch this or that, those big cultural moments are getting rarer and rarer. Superstars are a dying breed. It’s almost as if people that “follow” Beyonce or Kanye West or Lady Gaga or whomever are just another minority in the vast diaspora created by the internet.

In a way it’s reverted back to the time before mass communication happened; as it turns out, things like The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, etc seem to have been a specific function of mass communication going through it’s very early stages. Some people wax nostalgic about these widely-experienced pop culture moments as if that’s the way things should be, but really that era was brief and highly unusual.

As technology advances, we’re returning to a more “localized” experience, except the niches aren’t bound by geography. I like it.

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