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American Idol Judges Have Nothing To Say

February 24, 2010

Americal Idol judges sit in judgment

They really are just bullshitting. Tonight proves it, if it wasn’t obvious before. Todrick Hall comes out and does sort of an electro R&B version of “Since U Been Gone”. Now after a night of telling 90% of the female contestants they need to be creative and do their own version of the song, the judges all inform ol’ Todrick he changed it too much. These bitches can’t be pleased.

It seems to me they are just saying stuff to say it, because they contradict themselves on a nightly basis. I’m sure after telling Lee Dewze tonight that he should do blues rock cause that’s the type of singer he is, he’ll do it for a few weeks then they’ll tell him he needs to mix it up. They just they say the opposite of whatever’s happening.

Either that or they truly expect these contestants to do the impossible. Simon Cowell said of Todrick’s “Since U Been Gone” that if you’re gonna change a song, you’d better improve it. So I guess all the contestants have to do is:

1. Pick a great song that fits them perfectly but also shows a “different side” of their personality then
2. Change that song in a super creative way – but don’t change it too much – that’s an improvement over the original, great song



Then when Andrew Garcia does his rendition of “Sugar We’re Going Down”, with almost the exact approach he used during Hollywood Week with “Straight Up”, he’s advised to go back to doing what he was doing … during Hollywood week. Which was precisely the same shit he did tonight, in case you’re not reading between the lines. So when the judges can’t say to do the opposite of whatever the contestant is currently doing, they just … what? Become insane? I have no idea what is wrong with them. Paula Abdul is missing, but the drug use is still rampant, apparently.

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