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Climate Change for $$$

March 7, 2010


This article‘s titular main thrust (“Former Veep Goes Girly-Man, Has Hissy Fit in Pages of New York Times”) is really weird, but we’ve seen it before from Ann Coulter and others, this bizarre macho stance when there’s really no apparent reason for it. But the underpinning argument of the article is another already-old chestnut, “global warming is a hoax”. I’ve been wondering for a while what the motivation for such a hoax may be. Apparently, it’s money.

Of all the conspiracy theories I’ve heard lately, this one is the dullest and stupidest. The idea that the scientific community is conspiring to trick the world into giving them money is just lame. I’d like to see the numbers involved because it really seems like a crappy scam for those supposedly raking in the dough. But nearly all the comments on this article seem utterly convinced that Al Gore is out there peddling snake oil to line his pockets. *snorrrrre*

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