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Executive vs Judicial

March 13, 2010

For right or wrong, the Supreme Court‘s involvement in the 2000 election changed the way I looked at it. At the time I was convinced they were doing the wrong thing, and for political reasons. I don’t remember the details anymore but I’ll allow for the sake of argument that maybe I was wrong. It doesn’t matter, because the only part of the government that I thought was sort of “above it all” wasn’t anymore, in my mind. But although they may be less down and dirty as, say, the House of Representatives, that’s not saying much. They’re human, after all.

So this latest “thing” with the State of the Union – forgotten by many already -has come back into the news because of Justice Roberts‘s recent comments on the matter. Here is a tidy and informative break down of some interesting takes on the story and its resurgence.

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