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What’s Wrong With Bret Baier?

March 18, 2010

I watched Bret Baier’s interview last night and it was ridiculous. I can’t believe anyone is saying he did a good job, I mean besides on Fox News itself. I’ve never seen someone interrupt someone they’re allegedly trying to interview so many times. Yeah Obama took a sometimes circuitous route, but that’s what you do when you don’t agree with the framing of a question; you try to reframe it. Baier was like a puppy, he had no patience, he seemed to be showing off. If Obama’s answer didn’t answer his question directly within 15 seconds, Baier got antsy and interrupted. It was really pathetic; the guy has the attention-span of a gnat. Either he wasn’t listening or didn’t understand the answer’s relationship to the question.

Since when does being a tough interview mean not letting your interviewee respond?

It’s really a demonstration of people living in echo chambers. If you poke around you’ll see articles and comments about this, and they are so myopic and delusional half the time. I read one person saying Obama wouldn’t let Baier ask any questions. I mean, if people’s perception as that skewed and they are that married to it, there really is no point.

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