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Heavy Metal in Baghdad

March 24, 2010

heavy metal in baghdad

I was watching this documentary and it was a reminder of what a godawful mess we made in Iraq. Things have improved but there was a time (as it happens when a lot of the documentary was shot) when it was dire.

The film illustrates, for those who have forgotten, what price was paid by Iraqis – you know, normal people trying to just muddle through like anyone else. Which brings me to the stupidest, most obnoxious rationale for the invasion that I think I’ve heard: “We’re taking the fight to the terrorists abroad, so we don’t have to face them here at home.”

Watching a movie like Heavy Metal in Baghdad demonstrates how moronic and downright un-neighborly that is because in the case of Iraq, we brought the fight to another country where there were no terrorists and in effect invited them there so we could fight. It’s like someone wants to burn down your house and you get them to burn down someone else’s house instead, and help them do it!

It’s not much of an achievement keeping one population safe if you have to ruin the safety of another population to do it. In fact it’s what they call being an asshole, especially if you brag about it.

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