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Natural Born Killaz

April 6, 2010

(WARNING: This song has cuss words.)

(Secondary Warning: Skip forward to 1:30 or so to avoid a boring intro section.)

Before Ice Cube starred in children’s movies, or Dr Dre appeared on ESPN in a Red Sox jersey to promote headphones; back when they were both doughy and grumpy as ****, they briefly – ever-so-briefly – rekindled their NWA magic of being as scary as possible. Albeit the ante is upped here to the point of unintentional humor, this song is still badass. I believe an entire album was in the works but never materialized, which is too bad. Besides Dre’s weak beginning to his second verse – and Cube’s obvious general superiority on the mic – this song is evidence that they could still be effective if over-the-top boogiemen.

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  1. tiefighter25 permalink
    April 17, 2010 8:13 pm

    So When I’m In Your Neighborhood, You Better Duck
    Coz Ice Cube Is Crazy As Fuck
    As I Leave, Believe I’m Stompin
    But When I Come Back, Boy, I’m Comin Straight Outta Compton

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