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Why the Tea Party Movement Is Lame: A Prime Example

April 15, 2010

alice tea party

Let me first state that the in the very most general sense I agree with the Tea Party “movement”: Holding government accountable is a fine and necessary idea. Less government, less spending, less waste – great. Funny though, how a big part of the Tea Party seems to be about high taxes (“Taxed Enough Already”, etc.) when in fact 98% of Americans got a tax cut in 2009, and taxes over all are the lowest in sixty years!

It’s very difficult to take seriously a movement that, while admirably difficult to pin down in some respects – like the good ol’ USA, after all – is sadly easy to pin down in the respect that a large portion of the movement doesn’t know what the **** it’s talking about. Where were these people when President Bush and the Republican Congress took us from an honest to god surplus into a huge deficit with unnecessary tax cuts and sometimes unnecessary and always unpaid and unnaccounted for wars? Where was the yearning for fiscal responsibility then? What am I even saying, “yearning” – where was the passion, the anger, the hatred, the bile?

I wish there was a legitimate conservative movement out there. The US desperately needs balance, and just as important, a bit higher level of discourse. I know there’s always gonna be mudslinging and massaging of facts. But this Tea Party thing is turning into a giant waste of time. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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  1. tiefighter25 permalink
    April 17, 2010 7:54 pm

    The original tea party involved a bunch of drunken men getting up in nigh naked fancy dress and raiding the Beaver.

    Sounds like more fun than than brainless supplication to a vapid Hockey-Mom.
    Go Bruins.

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