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Mosque “at” Ground Zero

August 9, 2010

mosque protesters

The resistance to a mosque or Muslim community center – or whatever – near Ground Zero is completely appalling and embarrassing. It’s simply inexcusable. I understand if someone has raw emotions from losing a relative, friend or colleague on September 11, 2001, but that should not hold sway over what is a simple issue and fundamental right in this country.

Since the attacks of 9/11 I’ve heard so, so, so much about how great America is, and defending our freedoms, etc – yet this most basic exercise of that freedom is met with hostility and obstruction. Are people so blind to the irony, if not the hypocrisy, of such a stance? If anything this should be a somewhat high profile opportunity to show how America rolls; that we actually live up to our billing. Well the truth is sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. I guess they’ll get the thing built eventually and we can write all this squawking off as just that. But if that somehow doesn’t happen, I will be sorely disappointed.

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