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Mellow Jesus

August 31, 2010

Someone tell me what’s wrong with this: “Many teenagers thought that God simply wanted them to feel good and do good.”

Ok well the answer is in the same article:

“Others practice a ‘gospel of niceness,’ where faith is simply doing good and not ruffling feathers. The Christian call to take risks, witness and sacrifice for others is muted, she says.”

I know Jesus was supposed to be a spiritual daredevil but did not know that he expected that of others. And then we have this: “more teens are embracing a nebulous belief in God. Yet there’s been an ‘explosion’ in youth service since 1995 that Lewis attributes to more schools emphasizing community service.”

That sounds like a great combination. I mean, if you ask me, a nebulous belief in God is likely to be safer and better for society as a whole. I’ve observed that, in general, the less nebulous one’s belief is, the more strident, less flexible, more irritating and more trouble they are.

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