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Koran Burning

September 9, 2010

Maybe at this point it goes without saying but Terry Jones is an asshole.

But I gotta say on the other hand, this should not be such a big deal. Yes, his idea is just stupid in every way but that some dumbass, no-count pastor from frigging Gainesville can this easily pose a national – nay, international – threat is patently ludicrous. I’m sorry but freaking out about his actions is almost as stupid as the actions themselves.

It’s funny because The Mosque at Ground Zero Controversy has been a neat demonstration of intolerance and ignorance and self-indulgence, and just when I think our culture and country is the most irritating and baby-ish, this comes up to show that as bad as the mosque fight has been, something even more irritating and baby-ish is always just a book-burning away.

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